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  • May 28 2021

    Ben Beauchemin and Lucky the Hole

    Dwayne Christmas (Ben Beauchemin) is a man who wants no introduction.
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  • Jan 25 2021

    Episode 67 – Richie Rich w/ Andrew Phung & Ben Beauchemin

    We hang with Andrew Phung & Ben Beauchemin of Kim's Convenience and watch Richie Rich so Andrew can decide if his kid can watch it. Come for the parenting masterclass stay for the discussion of Little Italy.
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  • Jun 18 2019

    Episode 28 – Heartbreak Kid with Ben Beauchemin

    We watch the Elaine May directed comedy that would never be made today with Vite's Ex and Alex's new best friend. We talk weird dating stories and how funny the movie is.
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  • Nov 02 2018

    Nigel Grinstead And Ben Beauchemin

    Escape room employee Henry Oof (Nigel Grinstead) finds a body in the darkness of Room B. From different coloured spheres, to the man who showers upstairs (Ben Beauchemin), to various dangerous perverts, the mystery at the Dairy Queen escape room...
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  • Sep 24 2018

    Ep. 154 – Ben Beauchemin

    The Spooky Ladies Restroom Today on Spooked! Colin loves parquet flooring, Cody loves ugly dogs, Damien loiters around Victoria's Secret, and Ben takes a mannequin into the bathroom. We're more than just window shopping today, so grab your credit cards,...
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  • Feb 09 2018

    Ben Beauchemin And Jesse, The Old Slenderman

    Elephant Ben, world's wealthiest elephant, has found his assistant Stel dead in the lobby of the BMO building. Hanged, and note stabbed into forehead, a wide range of monsters are suspected. One of whom - an old slenderman, and Stel's...
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  • Jan 27 2017

    Ben Beauchemin And Popeye

    Millie (Ben Beauchemin), known street busker (gum monster), finds the body of Chris Elmer (guy from Canadian Tire money) in his Chinatown hole, and suspicions turn to his group of friends. Could it have something to do with Stinky, the...
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