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Everardo Ramirez

Everardo Ramirez is a comedian and writer currently based in Toronto, where he produces weekly stand-up/sketch hybrid shows as part of the Ossington Comedy Collective. He can be seen on Swearnet.com, season 2 of Everyone's Famous and for two season he played a demon named Spencer on EastlinkTV's Flag on the Play, a bizarre sports talk show filmed in front of a live studio audience in his basement in Halifax Nova Scotia. Everardo has been featured in festivals across North America including San Fransisco Sketchfest, Sappyfest, TOSketchfest, Crom Comedy Fest and is a regular at the Halifax Pop Explosion. He has opened for bands like Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs, BA Johnston, Heaven for Real and has worked with comedians like Kyle Kinane, Ben Kronberg, Ron Lynch, Mark Little, and Emo Philips.

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  • New
    Jun 18 2021

    Everardo Ramirez and Braeden

    Frat house leader Brendan (Everardo Ramirez) finds the de-boned corpse of a fellow member. He talks about burning CD-Rs, giving cheques to the Dean, and most importantly, when recycling day is.
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  • Apr 19 2021

    Ep. 281 – Everar2

    The Spooky Yo-yo Artist and Agent
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  • Feb 16 2020

    The Bed Post Podcast LIVE

    This is a recording of the live Sonar show at Bad Dog Theatre with Head Mistress Shahrazad, Domina Dali, Griffin Toplitzky, and Everardo Ramirez. We discuss sour Skittles masochism, funniest role plays, and ball tug-o-war.
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  • Feb 03 2020

    Ep. 223 – Everardo Ramirez

    The Spooky Elevator
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  • Jan 03 2020

    Live At Bad Dog

    A man is found in his bed. A squirt salesman, a thief, and a goo, help. With guests Mark Little, Everardo Ramirez, and Ana-Marija Stojic.
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  • Sep 06 2019

    Everardo Ramirez And Remy

    Milton water treatment worker Pat Lynch (Everardo Ramirez) comes down from the tower to try to figure out the mystery behind a co-worker's tragic demise. They talk about the food courts, uber eats deliverymen, and what they would do if...
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