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  • Jun 29 2020

    Ep. 243 – Hannan Younis

    The Spooky Ejected
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  • Aug 29 2018

    LIVE from Comedy Bar in Toronto!

    This week, James and Michael host a live episode from Comedy Bar in Toronto, Canada as part of the legendary Laugh Sabbath series. The guests this week are comedians Pat Thornton, Hannan Younis, Todd Graham and Evany Rosen.
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  • Mar 19 2018

    School Friend Hannan Younis

    James’ old school pal Hannan Younis stops by to talk about the old days, complain about tenants and update James on his ex's new boyfriend. (SPOILER ALERT: James does NOT like what he hears!)
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  • Feb 04 2016

    Hannan Younis

    A good ole sit down with Hannan, one of the most versatile and physically comedic humans in the game. Curl up in a warm blanket to listen because this chick so chillllllllll!
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