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Lisa Gilroy

Lisa Gilroy is an actress, comedian, and host of (International Emmy nominated) Undercover High and YTV's The Zone. She is best known for Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2019), Whitney Cummings' Pet Friendly series (2018), The Beaverton (2019) and Air Farce (2017). Hosting credits include The Next Star Finale Pre-Show (2014), The Kid's Choice Awards (2015), and YTV Summer Beach Bash (2014, 2015). She is a Canadian Screen Award nominee. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Appeared on

  • May 06 2021

    …Because we’re on an island with Lisa Gilroy

    This Time the podcast is different because Peter and Chris take their podcast on a plane. And then the plane crashes on a tropical island, where Lisa Gilroy has been stranded for the last 20 years. Of course, we talk...
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  • Nov 13 2020

    Lisa Gilroy and Scar

    Forester and single father Stanley (Lisa Gilroy) has a tragedy unfold at his daughter's sleepover. He talks about his talented daughter Ebangeline, their unique house layout, and the Nunavut Denny's.
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  • Oct 27 2020

    Lisa Gilroy

    On this week’s episode, Alana and her guest Lisa Gilroy (Brooklyn 99) discuss being ignored by her husband, her hot new nickname for Post-Its and the fear of career.
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  • May 11 2020

    Ep. 237 – Lisa Gilroy

    The Spooky Eclipse Today on Spooked! Damien just reports the news, Cody tries to clear his name, and Lisa turns our brains into strawberry. It's all about getting past the fake news, so get your ad blocker, read the papers,...
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  • Apr 02 2019

    190: Stuart Little – with Lisa Gilroy

    We're back with super special guest Lisa Gilroy! Remember that movie where the talking mouse works in a restaurant? That's right! It's Stuart Little! Give it a listen!
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  • May 15 2017

    144: Yes Man – with Lisa Gilroy

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Yes Man” Featuring the hilarious Lisa Gilroy! Famous Quote: “I’m glad we were able to teach them how to rap.”
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  • May 13 2016

    Lisa Gilroy And Scarecrow The Garbageman

    Jasnine Cabernin Willowdean (Lisa Gilroy), former pageant queen turned farmer/pog collector, has found a body in one of her families' fields. Also her dad is Larry Bird, but they brush over that pretty quick.Then, creepy "reporter" Scarecrow the Garbageman shows...
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  • Nov 20 2015

    099: Jumanji – with Lisa Gilroy

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Jumanji” Featuring the amazing Lisa Gilroy! Famous Quote: “I want you to see.”
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