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Max Sheldrick

Max Sheldrick started his comedy career in the mean streets of Windsor and Detroit and quickly developed into a Michigan circuit favorite. He has recently made the move to Toronto and has been pursuing a career in standup.

Appeared on

  • Oct 20 2020

    76 – The Future of Live Comedy w/ Max Sheldrick

    Abbas Wahab chats with Max Sheldrick (Stand-Up Comedian) about the open racism towards white guys, behind the scenes of reality TV, shitty things to happen at comedy shows, people at anti-mask rally's, Joe Rogan apologizing, and the future of live...
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  • May 05 2020

    52 – We Didn’t Listen! w/ Max Sheldrick

    Max Sheldrick, Comedian/Podcaster and co-founder of PlusTime Comedy, came on by and we talk about missing stand-up comedy, making content, the Toronto comedy scene, and the side effects of quarantine. Sorry for the crap audio on this one! Tech issue.
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  • Nov 12 2019

    29 – Small Town Dreams w/ Max Sheldrick

    Max Sheldrick, Comedian/Podcaster and Co-founder of PlusTime Comedy, joins Abbas Wahab and we talk about small town odd jobs, doing food delivery on a bike, comedy in Detroit, getting attacked on stage, TV set diva behaviour, and more!
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