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Nitish Sakhuja

NITISH SAKHUJA is a second-generation Indian Canadian, born and raised in Toronto’s Rexdale neighbourhood. His laid-back style, cool demeanor, quirky antics and captive storytelling about his real life always leaves audiences wanting more. A fixture on Toronto’s thriving “420 Friendly” standup comedy scene, he is a co-host of High On Trees Podcast and has performed all over including the JFL 42 comedy festival. Watch out for the this guy - he's everywhere! (Literally he was just on billboards across Ontario promoting a radio station).

Appeared on

  • Oct 27 2020

    77 – Blunts & Muay Thai w/ Nitish Sakhuja

    Abbas Wahab chats with Nitish Sakhuja (Comedian) about getting into Muay Thai training, black guys and skinny calves, what he misses about being fat, interracial dating with immigrant parents, and how weed hits people different.
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  • Feb 11 2020

    40 – Saturday School Scrubs w/ Nitish Sakhuja

    Nitish Sakhuja, Comedian and host of the High On Trees Podcast, joins Abbas Wahab and we talk about growing up in Rexdale, Ontario, Saturday school stories, sitting through religious talks for the free food, stupid car leases, and more.
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