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    Jun 15 2021

    S02E06: 5 Things w Andrea Marston & Paloma Nuñez

    Andrea Marston asks 5 Things of Paloma Nuñez about film, family, being a Bad Kid, and more.
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  • Apr 02 2021

    Paloma Nuñez and Dale

    Balvie (Paloma Nuñez), hunter, resides on the tundra line between the Canadian North and South. He finds the body of someone who looks like someone close to him, and describes everyone's hunting specialty, as well a specific wolf.
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  • Aug 11 2020

    The Science Lab

    Dr. Frank (Brandon Hackett) and Dr. Eveline Evangeline (Paloma Nuñez) find themselves prisoners of their own laboratory.
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  • Jul 15 2020

    Paloma Nuñez

    This week Tricia sits down with award-winning actor, writer, director, and HUGE sports fan, Paloma Nuñez. Over a couple of Woodhouse Brewery Beers, they chat growing up in Sudbury ON, duel citizenship, skunks but mostly the NBA Champions, THE RAPTORS!
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  • Feb 04 2020

    Episode 7.135: Paloma Nuñez & Miguel Rivas

    The 36-14 Raptors have tied their franchise record for a win streak at 11 and are looking to extend it against the Pacers! Raptors: Fun win streak! We talk other fun streaks! Kyle is an All Star! Nick is an...
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  • Mar 12 2019

    Grocer Paloma Nuñez

    Our guest is successful grocer Paloma Nuñez.
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  • Mar 12 2018

    Ep. 126 – Paloma Nuñez

    The Spooky Street Hustler and Off-Duty Cop Today on Spooked! Damien tries not to get divorced, Colin has a sale out of his trunk, Cody has a trendy coat, and Paloma faces everyone to have their steaks blue. We try...
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  • Dec 22 2016

    132: Face/Off – with Paloma Nuñez (LIVE at Toronto Fringe Festival)

    The Nice Guys flawlessly recreate “Face/Off” Recorded LIVE at the Toronto Fringe Festival Featuring the HILARIOUS Paloma Nuñez!
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  • Oct 26 2016

    Women In Comedy at #BCIF2016

    As part of Big City Improv Festival, we held a panel discussion feature 9 incredible women to talk about their journey in comedy. Featuring: Jan Caruana, Ify Chiwetelu, Monica Heisey, Allison Hogg, Lisa Merchant, Maribeth Monroe, Jaime Moyer, Paloma Nunez,...
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