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Rahil Shaikh

Rahil Shaikh is a comedian from Dharwar, Karnataka, India and is now based in Toronto. Rahil Shaikh is a comedian who isn't afraid to express his opinions. Rahil Shaikh loves - much to the disdain of others - long walks, blue skies, a warm muffin and an occasional slice of pizza. Rahil Shaikh has quickly established himself as a passionate and fast-rising talent who will stop at nothing. Not even a stop sign. His words, not mine.

Appeared on

  • Oct 08 2019

    24 – Quitting Engineering w/ Rahil Shaikh

    Rahil Shaikh, Comedian/Host of The Wet Beak Podcast, came on by and we talk moving to Canada to do a Masters, going fishing on mushrooms, the acting in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the greatness of Scary Movie 1, drug laws...
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